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Here then we will look at how they claim to work and whether in fact they achieve what they set out to.

Testimonials Energy bracelets are hugely successful and this is partly due to testimonials from athletes.

I kept feeling something when I wore the bracelet, so I kept wearing it. I’ve been wearing the bracelet ever since.’ However these testimonials are of course paid testimonials – shame on you Shaquille O’Neal…

How Energy Bracelets ‘Work’ Energy bracelets are claimed by manufacturers to use ‘holographic technology’ in order to affect the user’s ‘natural energy’.

Her lawyers only identified her as a medal-winning member of the U. The members of that team were Amy Chow, Elise Ray, Jamie Dantzscher, Kristin Maloney, Tasha Schwikert and Dominique Dawes. women's Olympic gymnastics team has claimed she was sexually abused by team doctor Larry G. The team pictured from left to right: Amy Chow, Jamie Dantzscher, Dominique Dawes, Kristen Maloney, Elise Ray and Morgan White Fellow gymnast Rachael Denhollander came forward last month to accuse Nassar of abuse. How could he reach this position in the medical profession?

The description is very vague and a little more digging will tell you that these holograms are believed to ‘resonate’ with the ‘natural energy field’ of the athlete.

Last Tuesday, Mrs Obama got her dancing shoes on at the Alice Deal Middle School in Washington, DC, to promote the initiative, looking fit as she danced a routine to the Beyonce song alongside students.

As we celebrate the amazing accomplishment of Olympic Gold with Gabby Douglas we had to share this video.

The 200 team was awarded bronze in the team all-around in 2010 (above), after China was eventually disqualified.

Energy bracelets, also known as ‘power balance bracelets’ are bracelets sold via the claim that they can increase athletic performance as well as curing many problems and disorders such as insomnia and addiction simply by being worn on the wrist.

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