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HD webcams supporting 2MP and higher sensor resolutions perform well with the horsepower current computers in the Apple Macintosh line.But be aware there are still some older Mac OSX video apps and web chat programs currently don't know how or aren't programmed to sense or support higher HD webcam resolutions and different 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratios.Many older webcam programs for Mac only support traditional 3:4 aspect ratios at, say, 320x240 or 640x480 VGA resolution.At least that's what many Mac video and chat programs expect.The budget-priced 720p Live Cam Chat is the only model still in production. Much like the digital camera market, webcams have gone from 1MP to 3, 5, 8, and now over 10MP (megapixel) sensors.Logitech leads with it's 4K Ultra-HD Brio which supports resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 on very fast Macintosh models with the necessary USB 3.0 speed port to transmit such a large amound of data.Not all video webcam manufacturers clearly label thier web cams as UVC - USB Video Class compliant on their retail packaging.

Cameras are state-of-the-art HD quality with night vision, plus 2-way audio and pan tilt on selected models.But don't be suprised if you find excruciatingly slow-frame rates when trying to capture video clips with Quick Time's "Maximum" setting.You may also find Quick Time capture varies from cam to cam as to how it handles difference between 3:4 and Wide-Screen 16:9 video aspect ratios when switching between Quick Time's "Medium-High-Maximum" modes.You're no longer restricted to just an ineffective 'bells-only' alarm system or an expensive, long-term alarm monitoring contract.Y-cam Protect home security means more choice, more convenience and savings of up to £2,300 compared to a 5 year monitored alarm contract!

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