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There are tons of online dating sites and apps out there, including, e Harmony, Tinder, and Adam4Adam. For example, e Harmony prides itself on establishing long-term connections among users; whereas, Tinder is notorious for the casual hook-up.Furthermore, Adam4Adam is an online gay dating site.In other words, participants were careful that they would only have unprotected anal intercourse with people who had the same strain of HIV.This distinction is important because drug-resistant strains can be spread among people with HIV.One big question with respect to the association is whether people who tend to prefer unprotected sex—specifically, unprotected anal intercourse or barebacking—use the Internet to fulfill this desire or whether Internet dating sites themselves somehow promote this practice.In a 2008 review article titled “Men Who Have Sex With Men and Recruit Bareback Sex Partners on the Internet: Implications for STI and HIV Prevention and Client Education,” author Christopher W.Users first set up a personal profile on an online dating site.An online profile can consist of the following: After reading a profile, users can express interest in one another—for example, a user can “swipe right” on Tinder or “wink” on

Apparently, men in this study checked with each other as to which strains they carry (a practice called ) before barebacking.Earlier research gives us a pretty clear picture of people who use Internet dating sites for straight-up sex.These users tend to be gay men who prefer anal and oral sex.They also tend to have a greater number of lifetime sexual partners than do people who don’t use the Internet to seek out sex.Interestingly, most people who use the Internet for sex apparently use condoms; however, a substantial number don’t, which is where the concern arises.

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