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Next, literature about three priority topics (i.e., counseling and education, serving adolescents, and quality improvement) was reviewed by using the USPSTF methodology for conducting systematic reviews (22).

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There is also such a thing as a "dry drunk" where they are still exhibiting the characteristics of an alcoholic in spite of not drinking alcohol. Has he indicated that he's had any type of therapy or support group association? Personally, I would stay away from any addicts but that is based on my experience only. Any evidence of still struggling to stay away from the bad **** could be an indication that he's not fully processed/committed to recovery. Any attempts at moderation, rules (such as "I'll only drink beer", "I'll only have 2 drinks") etc. Let your ears guide you on whether he is really recovering or merely just not drinking.

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Grounded theory methods are based on symbolic interactionism.

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Thank You-Chris Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns.

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